General disposition

We have read 1984 and were duly disturbed by it. We are not involved in nor ever intend to be involved in or partner with an advertising or user-profile-building business of any kind. We'd much rather be the salt of the earth than the scum of the earth. We strive to treat you as we ourselves would want to be treated. Finally, we really do not care what you use your devices for, other than the ways that your use of your device makes Plucky more or less useful.

Perhaps that was too strong. We might care about how use your devices, on a personal level, if you want us to, out of concern for you, in the way one human being can care for another, if we were friends and you wanted us to know about how you use your devices. But as a business entity, we don't care. Really.

Technical details

We will not sell data about you, such as your email address, to others. Period.

Most Plucky functionality, such as filtering, is performed on the device on which it is installed and the vast majority of data, such as your complete browsing history, is never sent off the device. As described in the section above, we really do not care, nor want to know, about your browsing history.

Certain features, such as synchronized configurations, require your Plucky configurations be sent off your device. That such data is sent should be obvious from the feature when you enable it.

The data we have about you, such as your email address or Plucky configuration (if using a synchronized configuration), is not visible to other users unless you explicitly enable features to make that possible. For example, by design, your Plucky configurations are visible to any user that you have assigned to be your inspector.

If a bug in Plucky occurs on your device, a bug report may be sent that involves data to help us triage the bug. Such data is not sold, harvested, or reviewed for any purpose other than to fix the bug that triggered the bug report.

If you are in Plucky's future-but-not-yet-existing community-driven-improvement program, certain additional system data is sent to Plucky servers for the purpose of improving Plucky's capability with respect to common systems, common programs, and common websites. But if you're in the program, you must be from the future, and capable of time-travel, in which case, can you please go back to 2007 and tell us to go full-bore on this project sooner? Thanks!

Parting thoughts

If a long, legalese-filled privacy policy would make you more comfortable than this brief and punchy one, or if you'd like to comment on any of this privacy policy, please feel free to let us know.

If you're still afraid and you'd like to create a new gmail account for use with this site so we don't know "who you are", that's fine with us.

Otherwise, happy plucking!